Monday, February 14, 2011

Amanuensis Monday Letter of Ray Whitson to Little Sister Fifth Installment

We left off as Ray was telling Mary that their dad was quite a horse buster and always and fine horses.
Page 9:
Dad decided to move to Arnett so the kids could be close to school.  There were only one seven miles from home.  There were about 6 kids by then.  Mr Davidson offerd dad a junior partnership if he would stay, but dad wanted us kids to get an education.  Ive always thought he could have hired someone to take us.  He went into the freight business.  It never turned out like he thought it would.  He tried farming...
Page 10:
He had a model T FORD rigged up with tractor wheels in the back, also had a barrel of water connected up to the radiator o keep it from heating up.
He would take one of us kids to be with him while he plowed. On time I got sick on eating too much of the lunch.
In the winter time, he would come in from the cold and warm himself at the kitchen wood stove.  Often he would let me sit on his lap during these times.
This shows the kind of father he was.
To be continued next Monday.....
I researched and found that there was a kit sold that utilized the Model T and a tractor wheel. I have made a collage of newspaper articles and ads.
Sources for the Model T Conversion: 
1. Vintage farm tractors: the ultimate tribute to classic tractors in google books

2. 1915-07-08;Paper: Perry Republican on

3. Website Antique Farming.

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