Monday, May 31, 2010

One Year Blogaversary!!!

Gosh, Teena came by and wished me a Happy Blogaversary and I had forgotten about it.  If you click here,First Post you will see where I have come from.  I am not great, but I know that I am better. I have developed a love for a wonderful community of geneabloggers. I have learned much about blogging, and about how to research, but most I have learned more about what I can do to assist my family in keeping their memories, finding out more about the past, and sharing.  The sharing is of knowledge of what you have learned yourself, of pictures you may be the only one in possession of, the memories.  The wonderful thing is that a memory of yours can strike a cord with someone else and send them off to remember an event they had forgotten of their own.  Thanks to all those that come by and drop a comment, you have helped me grow.
It is all good.  I love this!