Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: A Picture To Go With the Name!

The Hummer is Doing the Dance!
Over the weekend, I contacted a Private tree owner in that had saved a document from my public tree.  The documents were for a family I had almost given up on finding another living soul interested in. When she emailed back, she had not realized she had set her tree as a private one.  It turned out she was researching her husband's family for him. Her husband is a third cousin to the Hero.  
The young lady was gracious and shared pictures she had of the Hero's great-grandfather and great-grandmother.  I had almost given up hope of ever having a photo of them. 
Edward Ellsworth from PEI 1890 Photo Chicago
Helena Heimbach Ellsworth in Oak Park, Chicago

You can tell this line has been sitting and waiting in anticipation of finding someone else related.  Yahoo!  It happened!
I, in return, sent all the BMD records and newspaper items I have to help her to further along her family tree.  One has to remember it is not My tree; it is Our tree. ; )
The snapshots are a golden prize for our family. It came at a perfect time. I am staying with my 70 year old Sister in law because she broke her ankle and had to have surgery to have it reset.  I sat with her shared the snapshots and brought her up to date with the ancestry. 
It has been a golden day or two.