Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just When We Think We Are Done

I felt like the sewer who had thought she was able to lean back after her afghan was crocheted and relax. I thought most of the work on my Hughes family was done. I was down to figuring out when and from where they came from the United States. Not so, today as I was trying to find a living Hughes from that line, I came across research that conflicts with mine. That tells me I need to review and reconsider as well as research any new material that has come to light since I last worked on this line. I will have to make time to go the Clayton Genealogy Library in Houston to do some serious book reading and researching. (Not that I have to have my arm twisted or anything.) I love going there, now I have to.


  1. Oh man that is so frustrating. What do they know that I don't know? Did they check their facts or are they relying on someone else's information that was wrong.
    The questions...good luck and have fun at the library as only a genealogist can.

  2. Hey....I'm a Hughes! I think we are the only one's from our Hughes clan in England to cross the pond. Where are your's from?