Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Attempt at Madness Monday

I have a family from England. It starts out with William Sackley who married Dianah Mason.
I find Dianah and child William in Nova Scotia on a christening record.
I find a Stephen Sackley in Carlton Ontario, Canada in 1820 military records.
A son Henry in 1890's biography said they came to the US in the early 1840's.
In 1855, I find Stephen and our ancestor John in Chicago state census.
My dilemma is I want to prove Dianah as the mother of John. She married William in England. John lists his mother as Irish. The possibility is maybe Dianah was Irish, or Dianah died and William remarried in Carlton, which was settled by a large Irish group. In all the information, the father is named in a sister's biography, but the mother's name is never mentioned. Why is the father's name more important than the mother I wonder. Maybe I just needed to know who the father was first to be able to zero in my search, Maybe. My next endeavor will be to try and find land records in Canada or New York where they came over. They were teamsters when they came to Chicago. Now I wonder, do I just leave this on my blog or do I submit Madness Monday somewhere on Geneabloggers?

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