Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Head is Swimming

Picture owner Frances Ellsworth from Hummingbird blog

My grandmother used to say "my head is swimming" every time she would stand. I did not understand what was happening to her until I became a nurse many years later and then I felt bad that I had not understood low blood pressure.
This is not really what I was going to write about, but the phrase took me back in memories.

What I meant to say was, my head is swimming from all the information and stimulus of the wonderful blogs you all have developed, and, oh my goodness, the mind boggling links to the suggested blogs on your sites. Mercy me, I did not know all this out was available in internet land. I definitely don't feel like a lone ranger any longer.

When I developed my blog, http://hummingbirdgarden.blogspot.com , I was recording the history of my husband as he dealt with cancer, and the cancer treatments. It was to give our children a understanding and record events that I knew I would forget later. Some of the pictures I caught of him, was because I was blogging, and they are now among my favorite memories. While it was a purposeful endeavor, it was lonesome; because, as I recorded, I felt pretty much by myself.

I guess, what I am trying to say is 'I am glad you all are here and I am like a child in a candy shoppe, not sure where to start. Thanks so much for all your heart that I can see that you put into your blogs. It is inspiring to me, and will be to my children too.'

Thank you again.


  1. It is quite a world out here in blogland isn't it. Welcome in.

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog very much, have added you in my list of blogs I follow. Your writing style and choices are quite wonderful.