Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preserving Our Past for Future Generations

"Our great concern, our great interest, must be to preserve for the generations to come those wondrous elements of our society and manner of living that will bequeath to them the strengths and the goodness of which we have been the beneficiaries." Gordon B. Hinkley

In the past few years as I have seen multitudes more information coming forth, I knew that it was to be used to gather information for the future generations. One just has to go to a Genealogy Department in a library to find history written as it was happening from many view points to find true history. And, to find how much of history has been rewritten.

I hope to present my perspective for my family as well as those of my ancestors. What a jewel when you can find a letter that is in their hand writing. A distant cousin had kept a letter for distant grandfather which included his testimony of faith. My Mother-in-law wrote on the back of her picture her love of her husband. How wonderful for great grandchildren who never saw them interact to know this information. I write letters to my grandchildren so they have my handwriting and feelings on paper.

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  1. Your letters will be cherished by many generations. How lucky they are.