Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Young Trend Setters of Chicago

Ned's grandmother Lillian was always a trend setter. Here she is posing with the Four Season Club in 1925. She is on the right. Nice one piece don't you think? We so wish we knew who her friends were. The guys swim suits are refreshing compared to some swimsuits of today.
I am hoping I can remember how to submit to the Carnival of Swimsuits. I love the poster picture on Anne's blog. Oops...I was a day late. Oh well, the picture is still fun and my children have not seen this of their great grandmother.
Excitement! I found a website that tells about the club when it was built. The owner of the second edition of the club was a co-contractor with Sackley Paving. That is how and why she was a member of an exculsive club on Lake Michigan.


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  1. I'll bet there were lots of photos taken there. Some may be labelled. Great find.