Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sometimes We Need To Know We Were Appreciated

An older sister who had gone away to college and came back home to prepare for her wedding was given this letter from her little sister ten years younger than herself. Aine, if you click on the letter, it should let you enlarge it to be able to read it.

Our creative speller was very expressive, however we frequently needed her to verbally translate. We discovered in our family research, she had a prominent ancestor who was also a "creative speller" many generations back, Governor William Bradford of Plymouth Massachusetts. That was a fun fact that helped her.

However, back to the thought. When you are older and start looking back over your life, you often wonder, "did I impact anyone, did I make a difference for anyone?" Having a letter such as this preserved for you reaches across the years with a hug from a loving sister that said "I admire you." It hasn't changed and there is even greater love today between the two. I am glad I found this in some old school papers as I was cleaning out the attic area.

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  1. lol - I don't remember this at all. Reminds me of the Carver boy giving Russ that note that said, "You love the Ellsworth girl". :D

    Very sweet. I'll work on the background later - it's late and I did NO writing today because I was too upset. I only have two days left - I better get crackin.