Sunday, June 7, 2009

Growing Up in a Haunted House

I was 8 years old when we bought our house.
It was a duplex that my dad thought would suit our needs well. My grandmother would have one side and we would have the other. My bedroom was in the closet.
In the backyard was a chicken coop. The clip art at the left is close to what it looked like. Where my mom is standing is approximately where the coop was originally.
We were excited having our own home. At first, we had the experience of something missing from where we knew we had left things. Then we would hear the piano playing and no one was where the piano was.
My grandmother moved away and my dad decided to remodel the house into a single dwelling home. I was moved to the front to a real bedroom. It was funny, I always had the feeling of being watched, but it wasn't until I saw someone in my closet of my room that I felt I really was not alone. My dad decided to do some investigation into what I called my 'Visitor'. He found out that in the mid 1800's, a man and his wife had owned the house and chicken coop. They had worked hard, then one day she found him hung in the chicken coop.
This was a disconcerting thought. We were sure we knew what spirit our visitor was. My mom researched poltergeist, and other paranormal information.
I became used to my visitor until I was in my mid teens and woke up to 'some one' holding my hand. It was not a threatening gesture. Still yet, I was not comfortable with that. From that time until I moved away I would sleep bundled up in my covers until I drifted off to sleep.
When I moved to college, my mom said that there was a rash of things being moved around or lost. The last thing to happen then the house stayed quiet, she came home from teaching to find my picture had been neatly removed from the wall and stood in the corner. She felt that the ghost had said 'She is gone".