Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amanuensis Monday 'Conveyance of Sale of Slave'

I am new to transcribing but, I was searching for the Hero's family in Henry County and I came across some sales and information about Slaves in the deeds. I thought on Monday's I would share them with my friends. Forgive errors and if you have a better insight, please post in the comments.

Alabama Henry County} Know all men of these presents that I James Kirkland of the County and State aforesaid have barganed and sold in open market according to the Statues in Law one Negro woman about Thirty years old Named Rachal unto Nelles Kirkland of the County of Dale and State a fore said for an a in consideration of the Sales of four hundred Dollars to ? in hand paid of the Said Nelles Kirkland Where of I the said James Kirkland do warrant and defend a ? full Right of said Negro woman unto the said Nelles Kirkland his heirs and assigners from the Law full claime of any other person or persons What soevr unt to him the said Nelles Kirkland witness where of I the said James Kirkland have hear unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 10th day of Januy 1823
Signed Sealed and delivred in person er us
Test                                                                  hs
John Benefeled                                        James h Kirkland
Samuel Paulk                                                   mark
Henry County Deed Book


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero and Memorial Day

The Hero was proud of having served as a medic in the 4005th Army Medical Corp. He never missed any of his Reserve meetings and loved serving, missed us; but loved serving during the summer.  A favorite story of the family about the Hero was when I was delivering our 4th child.  It was a long labor, and I was really tired.  My doctor, Robert Campbell,  had served in Viet Nam War as a medic and then finished his medical degree while in the army.  There they were "coaching" me (yeah right), I was drifting in and out with labor pains, and they were swapping medic stories.  I would reach up and pat his hand and say...'Hey, a little help here.'  They would laugh say a few encouraging words, then go back to their stories.  (I still laugh about it.) You have to love them.
His father and grandfathers before him could not serve because of health reasons.
When we were studying his mom's ancestors, he was excited to find in the 1840's two of his ancestors fought and died in the Mexican War.  During the Civil War, his great great grandfather fought for the South.  He unfortunately caught typhoid and died in 1864. 
He was fascinated with the whys of war and the dynamics of war.  I have told you when we went to the Genealogy Libraries together, he would find a book to study the how and why things happened.  I am just learning that side of genealogy. 
When the National Anthem would start, he would be one of the first on his feet with a salute.  When the Pledge of Allegiance was said, he would sound out loud and clear with his  hand over his heart. He was a patriot. He believed in his country and all it stood for.  If he had been asked to, he would have fought for it.
Grandchildren, your granddadE upheld our country and your ancestors fought battles for our country to leave you a better place to live in.  Don't take it lightly.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero Got a Hair Cut...

Well, sort of. 
The 18th was the 35th anniversary of our Temple Sealing.  We traveled in an old volkswagen bus from Houston to Mesa, AZ to have the sealing performed in the LDS Mesa Temple.  Have I said we were broke before. Well it was true.  We had saved up for the trip and there wasn't a lot of spare money. 
When we arrived the day before, we camped at a KOA camp ground.  The Hero decided to save money by me cutting his hair, because it was a little long.  It shouldn't be a problem, just a few clips.  Did I tell you the wind was blowing?  It was.  He sat on a lawn chair and I stood behind, took a deep breath and commenced to start trimming. Unfortunately when I pulled up a piece in the back the wind when whoosh and I went whack at the wrong place.  Uh oh... He says "what?"  gulp... "maybe you need to run by a barber shop while I watch Texasblu."  A little concerned now, but still cool.  "Okay, be back in a little while."
Texasblu and Little Miss Sunshine and I all played and read together until he returned.  I must say I was a bit apprehensive.  I was wondering if he would come back bald.  About an hour later, we heard the VW drive up.  I peeked out. Whew, he had hair, and , lo and behold, a big grin on his face. 
After a hug, he laughingly told me about his barber shop visit.  As the barber was putting the protective apron on him, the barber asked "Who's been chewing on your hair?"  The Hero laughed and told him what had happened, with a bit of excuse thrown in about the wind for my benefit.  The barber laughed and said I thought so, you would be surprised how many hair cuts we have to "fix". 
It all turned out well, the hair cut was short but not bald, and it gave the Hero a fun story to tell our future boys about his "chewed" hair cut. (Glad I could be of service.)  Nice to have a man with a sense of humor.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Friday A New Illinois Site


I do not do this prompt often, and this probably is a variation of it. 
I have joined the Illinois Genealogy Research Community on FaceBook sponsored by FamilySearch. Their motto is Ask, Find, and Teach. 
I have come to this community to recruit members because I have learned so much from you. Carol of Reflections of the Fence and Lisa of Old Stones Deciphered are members with me. I am really getting excited about working beside and with some great researcher to learn and hopefully I will even have some to teach. Jan Edwards is a member of the community. She LOVES research and is excited about this. I have seen several research sites she has posted.
If you love Illinois research or have a need for help in Illinois come and join us on FaceBook. Here is their Wiki link.
My motto is the ancestors can run and hide, but we will find them...Oh yeah. ; )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero One Example of His Compassionate Side

I have so many stories to tell you of his compassionate side. Tonight I will share with you one of the sweetest things I think he ever did.
My father went through a terrible time when he had a major heart attack.  He had a personality change that took him from a loving father figure to the Hero to a terrorizing father-in-law who one time got out a shot gun and threatened the Hero with it. We understood that heart attacks can cause awful personality changes.  It did not make it any easier to live with. I tell you this so you will realize how special his action was.

 Near the end of my father's life, he spent close to 6 weeks in the hospital with drugs that kept him bed fast. We would stop by at night on our way from work to see him and check on how my mom was too.  One night, when we arrived my dad kept trying to convey to us something, finally the Hero figured out it was that he had soiled himself.  We rang the bell, and no one came.  The Hero proceeded to clean my father like a baby. He was so gentle and careful to not embarrass him at all. My eyes still tear up at the scene,  because I know how hurt the Hero had been by my father, for him to be so loving.  It must have reached my father too, because the night before he died, he called home and asked for the Hero to come the next day. Little did we know.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero's Got Locked In

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all. Yesterday, I spent time with the Hero's mom, whom I love greatly! Today I will spend time with my mom. 
I went to the Miller Outdoor Theater with my daughter and her family of 4 sons to see the Houston Ballet .  The grandsons were totally into the Hush performance.  We all loved the score.  The Miller Outdoor Theater is across the way from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences and the Burke-Baker Planetarium.  As we were driving by after the ballet, I remembered a story and asked my daughter if her dad had ever told her about being locked in the Museum of Natural Sciences building?  Her answer was no, and the grandsons 15 and 16 were all ears.  
A side note, when this was told to me there was a definite twinkle in his eye with a slow grin.
When the Hero was a freshman in college, he took a girl to the Burke-Baker Planetarium for a late showing of their  Stars of Texas.  As he said, with a twinkle, how romantic can you get, leaning back looking at the stars and not one mosquito.  (LOL, will have to tell you the story about him and the mosquitoes) 
I will pause here and explain that in order to get into the Planetarium, you have to go through the Museum of Natural Science entrance, the MofNS closes before the Planetarium.  
The date was going well, they enjoyed the show.  When it was over, they began to wander down the hall way looking at the pictures announcing future exhibits not watching the time.  He thought he was cool, arm around the girl, talking intellectually. ; )   Then they got to the entrance and discovered it was locked with a chain.  Now his date began to become upset, and he had  find the security guard.  His date was sure they would go to jail.  They looked around and couldn't see anyone.  The Hero thought that logically the security offices should be downstairs.  Downstairs they went, but no offices, now the date is becoming really upset and the hero had to step up his efforts to find the guard. (My 15 year old grandson inserted here... upset...why?  that would be so cool... can you tell he's an off spring of his grandfather)   They searched for about 30 minutes before the security guard found them.  There were a lot of questions, but the guard quickly assessed they were silly kids on a date gone wrong.  He let them out the side entrance.  The Hero said he took his date home, but that was their last date.  He couldn't understand why she thought he had done it on purpose.  (Snicker)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Treasure Chest, Thursday Wonderful Minds

It was my mom's birthday yesterday.  I was driving my sweet 83 year old fragile mother to meet with her twin sister and niece who is one year younger and questions started forming in my mind to ask them while we were visiting.  That is when my Treasure Chest Thursday post began to form.  When I usually think of a Treasure Chest, the vision of a Chest full of old keepsakes comes to mind. I often lament that I don't have many treasures of that kind.  I then turned my thoughts to my wonderful mom and her sister and niece, who are the last of their family's generation living and began to repent.  They are a rare treasure of great value.
I had a wonderful day, since I have done much research with other lines of the family I was able to ask questions that threw them off on a wonderful road of memories.  They had a ball through out the day and my aunt was so impressed that the doctors had found medication to reduce the anxiety and beginning dementia in my mom.  She was right there with them sharing names and memories.  How glad I was to have been able to make their day happen. I will share some of the information later. Today I will share with you my new addition to my Treasure Chest of pictures to spark memories.
The Birthday Sisters. My mom, in blue, was happy.

They had fun getting their smiles coordinated

Mission accomplished

My cousin (second cousin) worked on making a 4 course meal.

A life long friend came by to visit.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks to a Friend on Twitter

I follow FamilyTreeFolk on twitter. They have an Archival products company and do genealogy and help others.  When I said I needed a hands free magnifier because my focus is off when working with small letters, he jumped right in and found what I needed.

I ordered it and in a week's time I had the product from England. It was not expensive, it even had the batteries in it, and it was in wonderful condition when it arrived!

Thank you, Thank you my friend.  It is very much appreciated. 

 I am really not good at picture taking through a magnifying glass, but I am good at trying.

This is an attempt to thank a friend, I have not received any compensation for mentioning his company.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero's Birthday

Forgive me for just pausing to wish a Happy Birthday to the man who blessed my life for so many years.  We laugh, played, cried, and worked hard together.  It is the day I celebrate that he was born to be my Hero.