Ancestral Lines

These are my ancestral lines in pedigree form.
It is a work of love in progress.  I fix as I find new information.
To view the parts of the pedigree larger, click on the pictures.
My mom and dad with the Hero and me on our wedding day.

This is a link to Langley posts I have done.
Carrier post. This line needs more attention.
Glad I looked at this one. I have more to add on the Kemp research.

No posts about this research... my DNA matches are strong on the Rutherford Shelton lines.
For some reason the Gildon Family has fascinated me.
Most of this information has come from a cousin who compiled other's work.
Self / Burleson line has been one that has drawn me to it. Many solid DNA matches on Burlesons
The Thorn and Hughes family has captured a bit of my attention too.

Still searching on the distant Whitson ancestors.
Some Magill and Lester DNA matches
Archibald and Elizabeth William Davidson were easy to find, and one of my early mistakes.  I forgot to write down the source and page of Elizabeth and Archibald's marriage n Pennsylvania.  It was in a Big book with no index.
Several solid DNA matches on this family
A favorite line that is full of history and books. I own a reprint copy of Lemuel Roberts Book.

My grgrandfather and his family were very proud of this lineage, they wrote it all down.
I have the books that have been created from William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation"

This line is also a work in progress.
So far my findings have not supported this family's oral history.

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