Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Memories...

My mom loved Halloween.  She was one of the first teachers at her school in Oklahoma to start dressing in period costumes for the festivities.  Of course it was a different era, the kids dressed up, parents brought cupcakes, there were parades, and there was in general a lot of games.  As I was growing up, she always had popcorn balls (in a variety of ways), candy, etc.  I had to dress up to had out candy to those coming by.
When she moved to Texas, she was living in a rural community.  There wasn't the going from house to house for trick or treat but there were a lot of little kids that wanted to do what they saw city kids doing. As a school they still did costumes and a class party, but the whole community turned out at the precinct barn where a special group had put together a variety of activities and treats.  Mom loved this and was disappointed when the activities started coming to a close at school, then in the community at large.  Now they do a haunted house, which I have to say, I am glad all my kids are gone, because I have never been a fan of haunted house activities.  Here is the only picture I have of my mom's Halloween activity.
She is the "scarecrow" in the center, surrounded by my children.
My mother-in-law always decorated for Halloween time.  She would have fun handing out candy for the kids in the neighborhood. Her foster daughter loved the dressing up and handing out candy too.
When Mildred moved into an assisted living home, they had activities every year.  We would go down and participate with her. She would dress up and so would we.  Such a fun memory.
These are a few of her dressed up as well as my sister in law and brother in law.
One year she decorated her door then dressed up and handed out candy when kids came by.

My wonderful sister-in-law who was game for anything, and looked great too. (she is in the middle)

A close up of my sister-in-law
Mildred and her son,,. My grandson thought his mask was cool. 

Mildred and I, in another year.  She decorated her tee shirt.

Fun memories and ones I hold dear.

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandchild 2

I know you are sitting there thinking good grief... but wait 'til I get through with all 25.
The second granddaughter and grandchild was just perfect.  She has been a delight to see growing up, full of vim and vinegar. 

A delight to her aunts and so gullible. They loved playing with her..
We had many photo sessions that showed she wasn't a happy camper with a camera pointed at her.

Look at that long beautiful blond hair. 

A beautiful shot her mom got of her with her lovely laugh. I love joking with her.

A bit theatrical and sassy, she has developed a talent for dancing, This was a model shoot for a student cosmetologist.

She is a righteous young lady. She got up at 5 am to attend Seminary Studies. This is her graduation.
Today. Her at her sister's wedding.  Turned into a beauty in and out.
My happy girl.
This is her scrapbook page.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday ~ The Care Taker Becomes the One Cared For

In 2010, we took Mildred to clean and care for her husband's grave and she took the time to talk with her granddaughter and great grand children.

In 2012, a picture my brother in law took of her on Memorial Day when they went and cleaned the tombstone.
2014, My sister in law on Memorial Day after she and her brother cleaned the tombstone for Mildred and Ed her husband.
How time passes.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sentimental Sunday ~ The Hero Took Naps.

Sundays were the day the Hero's family would gather together.  It might be just to go by and visit the grandparents, or, it could be to celebrate a holiday or birthdays.  The Hero and his twin brother tended to eat as they did when young, and the end result was they found a place to rest afterwards and we would find them asleep somewhere.
This scrapbook page was at their sister's. They had gone into the den away from everyone, and either bored each other to sleep, or were watching a game on television. I don't remember why, but finding them both asleep was funny.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Surname Saturday ~ And They Became One

One starry night on October 24th, 1970, a couple professed their vows to love and cherish each other, and she took his surname as hers to honor.
In their toast to each other, it was made mention of a “toast to their love together forever”, and so it is and forever shall be.
This 45th anniversary is celebrated by the bride with his memory at her side.  God has sent a promise that though they are parted, they shall one day be reunited. 
My hero is missed but not forgotten, and ever waited upon for the loving reunion.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Follow Friday ... Grateful for...

It has been a long time since I have done the prompt "Follow Friday".  After the feeds changed, I went to subscribing to the posts.  That meant most of the time I have not gone to the website and posted a comment.  This is nice to not miss a post, but I have begun to wonder if the writers of the blogs wonder how their posts are being received.  Today I thought I would give a few a shout out.
Roberta Estes has helped me so very much in sharing knowledge about DNA... a heroine to me at DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy.  Judy Russell has broadened my understanding of legal issues, and reading a document, yeah for The Legal Genealogist .  If you are a beginning genealogy blogger, Geneabloggers by Thomas MacEntee is still the best for getting you started and keeping you going.
Amy Johnson Crow has to be one of the greatest caring genealogy bloggers for giving prompts that really make a difference in our personal posts of family history.  Jana Last on Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog has been a great blogger herself, but even more, she has been a great edifier to many bloggers with her Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds.  There are more but I will save for another day.
Be a great follower and be sure and leave for those that serve the genealogy community as a whole a word of thanks or encouragement so they will stay with us in the long haul.
Later, friends. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday... Grandchildren.

I have blogged about some of my gene treasures from the past... but today I choose to blog about my gene treasures in the present.  25 grandchildren... Each is such a unique treasure and learning experience.  I love them so very much.  I think I am going to do this each Thursday until I cover all 25.
Number one grandchild was so exciting.  We were all waiting for this treasure. 
Her mom and dad decided to name her Crystal.  Not for any family name, just because they liked it. Isn't that the way is it supposed to be?  

Her early Princess look. 

Her aunts loved dressing her up. Her medieval Princess look. J

Growing up she was so much like Princess Merida... 

This summer she was a really beautiful Princess.
A lovely bride.   

Yep... my first jewel in my treasure box.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday

While looking for family in the Pawnee, Oklahoma cemetery, I came across this interesting tombstone.

A memorial for those members of the  Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodge Organization in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Military Monday : A Hero Story

I am back to renew my blog relationship.  I have found myself far away from this blog, but after visiting it last night, I remembered why I started blogging, and why I loved it.  I am too late for a Sentimental Sunday post for my Hero, so I will start with Military Monday.

The Hero was very proud of his service in the Army Medical Reserves. He served 3 enlistments. When he was assisting in planning his funeral (yes, he did), he was concerned because he was not a full time enlisted man that he wouldn't be honored with a flag on his casket.  A friend, who had been in Viet Nam, said I don't think it is a problem.  He called the VFW and visited with them, then called the Hero back and said, not only would the VA provide an American flag for the services,they would have someone to be there to fold the flag to be given to be given to the family. This was very relieving to the Hero. He was very patriotic, and was from the time his was little.  I wondered about this and decided to research the military in his family history.
The first thing I discovered was on his dad's side, only an uncle had served in the military in the United States. His grandfather had not served, he had diabetes.  His great grandfather had not served, he was an immigrant from Canada, and was too old for the WWI &WWII.  On his paternal grandmother's side, it was all the way back in the War of 1812 that a fourth great grandfather served and it was for Great Britain.
Moving to his mother's side of the family, the search went back to the Civil War, on both sides of her family.  One great great grandfather died in Savannah during the war. Both her paternal and maternal sides fought for the South.
The Hero's twin, who also served in the Reserves, made a trip to Savannah to see the tombstone.
Neither the Hero's father, nor his paternal and maternal grandfathers fought in a war, and they did not appear to be politically active.
It seems that the Hero, by some fluke, just came by his patriotism on his own.  He was one who loved his country dearly and studied the constitution as well as followed the politics of his time carefully. Now this was passed down to all his children today. They each keep informed about the state of affairs in the country.  He taught them to study things out, weight the information and make their own choices.  One of his sons is on his third enlistment in the Air Force Reserve and has served one tour in Qutar.  He would have been proud how they have grown.