Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Hero Always Responded to a Request

I thought I had written this story, but it is not on the blog.
This week I had an event in my life that brought the blessings of knowing and having the Hero in my life.
Forgive the short rant.
I have been fighting a virus and my chest was hurting.  Low grade fever at night and aches all over, then I was left with left-side chest pain that hurt when I would breath deep.  No... I had not been fact no mucus.  As most of you know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  With in the church there is a Home Teaching program in which members of the church over see a family(ies) other than their own to teach, assist, give blessings too, an so forth.  My home teacher is a truck driver and out of town. So I asked another man I knew to give me a blessing. He said yes, then showed up at the Family History Center where I was working without someone to assist him, said he was just checking to see if I was there (?) and he would get back with me.  Never showed back up, and 24 hours later I received a call from another member who said the first member had texted him I needed to be seen.  REALLY!  What is happening with our world.  I am done... but so disappointed in the priesthood in our ward.
Now the Hero Story and why I find the above offensive.
Day our son was baptised. 

Once the Hero received the priesthood in our church, he took it very seriously as he should have.  No one had to remind him of his responsibilities, in fact, if he was ever your home teacher you continued as his family forever.  He was totally committed.
This is one case.  The Hero and I were awakened at 1am in the morning by a call.  I heard the Hero answer, and begin asking questions.  He put the phone down and immediately began dressing.  I was puzzled...
He told me it was a call from a young man he used to home teach and that he sounded like he had been drinking but there was something wrong. He was going to go and check on him.  I was like, if that is what you need to do.  He called back a few hours later from the hospital.  He had arrived and found the young man had tried to commit suicide.  He loved on the young man and he made a come back to a healthly life.  There wasn't any question of where he needed to be.
Another case he was tired after along drive from Houston to our home it was about 10pm, and received a call that someone needed a blessing he called a couple of members and found someone, went picked them up and they gave the person a blessing.
When he was sick, we called our home teacher and we met another member at a fast food restaurant where they gave him a blessing in the back seat of the car to help the home teacher from driving so far.
He was an exemplary priesthood holder. He taught his sons the same principles and they live up to the standards.  Geez, he would never have texted. To him it was all about live contact, phone calls and visits.  He respected those who were in his care and those who were in need.
In a way, this has not been all bad for me; I have taken the time to reread many of my Hero stories and remind myself of why I started blogging.  So, we would not forget the stories.