About Me

I am a mother of 6 children, grandmother to 27, and avid pursuer of life. My husband of 38 years died after a 2 year battle with cancer. My youngest son and I now share a 6 acre piece of land. I have a garden that I attempt to grow vegetables and herbs  in when the fire ants are not eating the food and me.
I volunteer at the Family History Center and work with FamilySearch  Support.  I am a volunteer photographer for FindAGrave among other things
I love Genealogy and more than that I LOVE my present and past family. I love helping others with their genealogy. With this blog, I have started a new era in my Family history work. I have become borderline obsessed with obtaining and sharing family stories. The example of several online bloggers has aided me.

From time to time, my oldest daughter Texasblu will aide in posting. She loves family history and has done her husband's side of the family without assistance.

Where most of the stories were told.