Thursday, March 21, 2013

FamilySearch Genealogy Help

Fran Jensen talked about her interest list called 'FamilySearch Genealogy Help' on Facebook in her #RootsTech presentation. The following link is that list. You can follow. It will then show in your interest lists. 
FamilySearch Icon on Facebook

Fran has listed all of the 118 pages that FamilySearch has developed to allow researchers to participate in a community.  The Communities are for asking questions, helping others find answers, and share what you know about researching those areas.
As you know, I have been helping with these pages for some time.  It is an awesome place to drop by and see if anyone is a cousin, or if you can help someone else or get help yourself.  Such nice people participating.

Come by, introduce yourself, and in the words of the Hummer (me) "come play with us on our genealogy playground".