Sunday, October 11, 2009

When We Need An Uplifting Hand Angels Appear to Help US

I was an only child.  My parents kept close to their extended family so my cousins began to feel like extended brothers and sisters.  When I moved,  what seemed far away, we lost contact.  I developed some wonderful friends that filled the loss of family.
In my picture on the right is my cousin from Oklahoma with his daughter, in the smaller picture are cousins from two families.  The darkheaded girl on the end is who I will be speaking of.  The butterfly is symbolic of a special friend that I don't have a picture of.
I was very blessed by each of the pictured loved ones.  When my sweetheart was in the throes (this is a great word to describe the pains of fighting cancer) of struggling with pain, doctors, chemotherapy, and all the fields of battle in cancer. These wonderful angels jumped in to lighten our load.  My cousins and I had not seen each other for several years, but the ties are very strong.  They couldn't be there with us, so they did what they could, such as sending funny jokes for us to laugh at...that is a biggie.  There were calls to check on how we were doing and share something funny.  I can't tell you how much it meant to my sweetheart to get those emails, and calls because he worried about me.  He didn't want me to be alone, and he was uplifted by their response to our need.  They have not stopped now that he is gone.  I still get the funny emails and calls.  I am very thankful for their loving gifts.  I pray for them to be blessed for their unselfish giving of time and love.

This is from Lori's writing prompt.  I have put a link to her blog on the side bar.

I purchased several elements from StoneAccentsStudios to start creating my own family digital scrapbooks

The gingham background and the butterfly are from .
The quickpageframe is from mITSYBELLE  


  1. Love the collage and placing a butterfly for a missing photo of a someone special is a wonderful idea!


  2. Knowing that someone is there thinking of you in your darkest times is a great help. We don't always know what to say or do but by not disappearing during the harshest times we are helping more than we know. Sometime we just need to know that someone is there thinking of us.
    Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. There is really a lesson to be learned.Reaching out is always the right thing to do.

  3. What a wonderful account of how the ties that bind remain forever strong. And a touching story of the love you and your sweetheart had for one another. I am grateful you shared this personal and heartwarming post with us. Isn't Lori wonderful for creating the challenge??

    And finally, I love your blog. It's beautiful!


  4. Your story is similar to the one I have, it is pretty amazing how after some time away, your family is as close as if you never were away to begin with.
    The part of the story that touched my heart the most was your sweethearts worry of you being alone.....he sounds so loving....thank you for sharing this!

  5. Beautiful story. It's amazing how friends and family who are far away can still know just the right thing to say or do when you need them. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story, and I'm so glad that they are still staying in contact and strengthening those ties that bind. Kathy

  6. What a great family you have! Wonderful story

  7. Thank you for sharing - I am just catching up on all the blogs I missed in my absence. I see we have something in common and as we both know it was the kindness of our friends and family that helped us through those dark days.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  8. Just reaching out near or far is what makes a better day.