Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero Had a Spiritual Side

This is General Conference of our church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was a favorite time of the Hero's.  As I was watching the meetings today, a memory the Hero told me came to mind. 
When he was in his mid teens, he began to question whether or not God existed.  He remembered vividly sitting in his back yard mentally questioning whether or not what he had been taught in his catechism classes were valid or just more traditions.  He was hurting inside and wanted an answer.  He said he threw back his head looking up at the cloudy sky and said "If you are there, give me a sign."  At that very moment, he said, the clouds opened and he could see a big star.  Then the clouds covered it up.  It made an impression on him, but at the time, he chose to consider it a coincidence, and continued in his agnostic ways until he met the right girl.(Moi) 
I have to tell you that when he told me the story I was having a Fievel/Tanya moment of the rendition of "Somewhere Out There".  When I was in my early teens; well, through all my teen years, I would climb up on our garage roof and sit, looking at the stars and talk with the Lord about whether there would ever be someone for me.  ; ) Patience is a virtue, I always tell you my grandchildren, and it worked for me.  My Hero could have been seeking his answers looking at the sky at the same time I was seeking consolation looking at the sky.  I like to think that anyway.  At the end, he had no doubts that God existed and looked forward to seeing Him.
I wish you all, family and friends, a wonderful Sentimental Sunday.  It is all good.


  1. what a touching story. thanks for sharing.

  2. A very special story indeed. Thanks