Friday, January 9, 2015 Family Tree Replaces New.FamilySearch

I keep seeing people putting up posts and notices of being shut down.  I am surprised anyone is still going there.  It was a church only website and we as consultants have been teaching and showing for over a year where the FamilySearch Family Tree is found and how to use it. (albeit that they are constantly "updating" it).  
When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints decided that the family tree should be open to all member and non member alike... after all it isn't "my" tree it is "our" tree, they developed the software for what is now known as Family Tree on that is open to anyone who will register. [let me put a plug in here.  If you are using Family Tree or are planning to to, please put in contact information.  The tree is meant to be collaborative and to allow people to contact and work with each other. Now you know why they ask you to register.]
I have not been to the New.FamilySearch site for over a year.  No reason to... Family Tree is so much more and has so much more potential for working with others especially those that are not LDS.  
This is the announcement on
"On February 1, all public APIs (application programming interfaces) will be turned off, as will be the ability to access the program. This step is necessary as we enter the final phase, which is to transfer and synchronize all of the remaining data from to FamilySearch Family Tree. It is anticipated that this final phase of data testing, transfer, and retesting will require a year to complete. Once this phase is completed in early 2016, will be completely shut down."
You notice the phrase " transfer and synchronize all of the remaining data from to FamilySearch Family Tree"... that means nothing will be lost, nothing is forgotten, it is all moved to be allowed to use and correct if need be while working with each other. 
I am still working with FamilySearch and assist in teach about, promoting and working in the FamilyTree.  I have at times a love/hate relationship with my tree, but realize that the best I can do is better than a "do over", it is methodically going from front to "the end" applying the Genealogical Proof Standard to fix and beautify.

Hope to see you on there!

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  1. Sites that allow families to access this information are invaluable in searches I am sure. And they must make it so much easier to start somewhere.