Sunday, January 28, 2018

Goals to Help Me Shape Up and Get It Right

Joining in with Elizabeth O’Neal’s Blog party for January Genealogy Blog Party: Shape Up Your Research  I love following her, receiving her newsletters, and using her suggestions to stretch my stride. I first became acquainted with Elizabeth when I took ProGen classes. She is an amazing mentor.
 These are my Genealogy Shape Up Goals this year. 
(had to add Genealogy so as to not give you false expectations.  😉)
  1.  To lengthen my stride in DNA understanding I am taking and giving classes on DNA. I am learning more each time I attend or prepare lessons. Taking a clue from the experts, there is always more to learn. 
  2. While I do not have the resources to travel much or to pay for many conferences, I plan to take advantage of Webinars and Virtual Conferences. Not as much fun socially but still informative. 
  3. I will write on my blog and then transfer to FamilySearch Memories at least 6 family stories. Reason for transfer is to insure they will not be lost.
  4. I will finish my applications for both Texas First Families Certificate and The DAR as well as "turn them in". 😉
  5.  I am not brave enough to Vlog, but I have the goal to post on my blog at least monthly this year. Life happened and I fell short in the last two years but will accomplish it this year.
  6. I will continue to encourage and assist my children that have expressed interest and are helping with family research. Mercy it has been a trip trying to do the research on mine and my husband’s genealogy. Rewarding but exhausting.

There is still time to join in with the others on Elizabeth's blog. Come and Join the party and make yourself accountable for the coming year.  Reading over this makes me wonder how I am going to measure up. 😊


  1. When you accomplish these goals, your research will certainly be "in shape." Like you, I'm not drawn to vlogging, but I love writing my blog. Good luck!

  2. I like your idea of transfering some of stories to FanilySearch Memories, I think I will look into this as something viable that I could do easily. I am trialing at the moment linking stories to people on WikiTree ie at the end of the post I link back to their profile on WikiTree I have not done it back my familySearchTree as I am not yet confident enough but posting memories might a good start. Thanks for sharing you ideas.