Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Coveted Treasure Chest

My wonderful grandmother (marked with the bow) always had a trunk.  I loved going into it to see what she had for me to look at.  When she died, she left the trunk to me.  My Aunt Lynn had saved it.  She took out all the pictures and misc items that my grandmother had always kept in it, and stored it in the barn until I had a home.  I was glad of the help because in a one bedroom apartment there isn't any room. 
Then I received the bad news.  A lightening storm had hit and the barn had burned to the ground along with my trunk.  I was very saddened.  The wonderful part was my aunts foresight.  She brought me wrapped in a box the contents, the pictures above and other items, of my beloved trunk.  I was thankful for that.  I used elements from
Contact:  Lori Cobb - to try my hand at creating a backdrop for some of my treasures from my lost chest.


  1. That was really lucky. Imagine how many people have lost all their heirlooms to fires or floods.

  2. So true Lori. Appreciate your stopping by this errant bloggers place.