Friday, September 11, 2009

History Affect s Our Perspective

I was fifteen when President Kennedy was assassinated.  I was saddened and shocked by the event, but put off by the members of my class who were crying and moaning all through the school halls. Most of them had never given a thought to politics other than the Civics class we were required to take. It gave me pause to think.  Why would they act that way?
I now understand that different personalities react in different ways.  As you can tell, I can remember where I was on that day and I remember the days afterward of television coverage. 

When my son was 11, 9/11, or the attack on the Twin Towers occurred.  I was appalled when I heard the news and my heart stopped at the gravity of it all.  I was not prepared for my son's reaction.  When I arrived home, he was all over me to learn more and to talk about it.  I never had even thought about him feeling even remotely connected.  Come to find out he really identified with the twin towers.  It felt like a personal attack on him at the time.  I bought him a commemorative edition of the occurrences of the attack when TIME published it.  He still has it in a protective sleeve to help him remember.

Today on the anniversary of this horrible event, it is gratifying to see how many still remember and send their hearts out to those who survived or are families of those who did not. I too feel strongly for those who involved in the act in anyway.  It has to have been life changing for each.  My prayers are offered for them.   It still has a profound effect on the society as a whole, and I hope we never forget the need to be unified as a nation.  I was impressed to read what one survivor has to say.    If you click on that sentence, it will take you to his You tube interview.

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  1. So true. Even those of us who do not live in the US are affected and think of the consequences of these acts. We also remember those who lost their lives and their families.