Monday, May 10, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Henry and Martha Reynolds

Never discount learning new facts about your family.  You never know what you are going to discover when you are cleaning and working with old files that you think you are finished with. 
A case in point, my mother-in-law was born on July 5 1919.  She loved to tell the story that until she was 9, she had always thought that July 4 was her birthday because they celebrated it on that day. 
As I was creating a grave site for Henry and Martha on Find a Grave, I just recognized a new fact that she never shared or maybe she never knew...or didn't remember, because she moved away from her grandparents when she was 9.  That was the time she started paying attention to dates.  This family had been assembled years ago and I apparently had just plugged in the numbers, not coordinating it with other information in the family.  Here is the new/old information:

Her grandmother Martha Wells was born July 6,  a day after Mom's birthday. 
Her grandparents were married July 7, two days after her birthday.
Isn't that something. 
I bet Mom's grandmother felt a special bond with her.

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