Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: New Cousins in the Burleson Line

I had the great fun of working with a young 16 year old girl who is greatly desirous of helping build her family tree.  I was looking over her shoulder as she worked.  A name caught my eye, Sarah Kessiah (Kizzie) Burleson who married John "Link" Hughes.  I have several Kessiah's in my tree and I knew if they were Burleson in Texas the chances of tying into the same tree was better than 90 percent.  I went to work.  Sure enough, Moses Burleson was the father of Mary Ann Burleson who married my William B Self and the father of William Russell Burleson who was Sarah's grandfather.  That makes my young 16 year old friend and I,  1st cousins 4th removed.  I love it when a search comes together.This was the tombstone I wanted to work on, oops...haven't gotten it done yet.  I am grateful to at least have her tombstone.  Wish it was a picture.


  1. The names Hughes and Burleson caught my eye. Though I am not descended from any (that I know of), both those surnames are very common in Mitchell and Yancey counties, North Carolina where I have done extensive research. I am sure somewhere I have connections to those surnames via marriage. Additionally, Kessiah was a very common first name in that region.

    And congrats to your new friend/cousin for starting her research at 16. My interest was piqued at about 14 but it wasn't until after college that I began researching in earnest.

  2. We never turn it off, do we, even in our dreams it pops in there with little wispers.

  3. You are so right Rootdigger. My family is always saying don't you ever think of anything else?...Sure I do, when I think of what it is I will tell you...;)