Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving 2010

My Joys
I am thankful for my individual blessings of health and happiness.  I have been truly blessed!  Wonderful children, grandchildren, friends and ancestors.  My two years of loss after the Hero died have been filled with wonderful experiences with all those cited above that have filled my empty void. 
Joy is in my heart and the days shine brightly ahead.

My ancestors include John Howland and William Bradford on my mother and father's lineage.  I also have had the privilege of reading letters by many ancestors in between that professed their thankfulness surrounding their faith.  In this mix I must include my gratitude to a loving Savior Christ who is the source of all my blessings.
My wish to all who stop by, a blessed holiday. 
Pilgrims Painting Print 1800's


  1. Thank you Frances....what a beautiful family you are truly blessed.

  2. Frances what a lovely family and thanks for sharing their stories along with Hero's in your posts. I truly wish you the very best. What a fabulous attitude you have. Hugs, Barb

  3. Your family looks like a very loving bunch, and I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for a very enjoyable blog. :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, cousin! I have Howland and Tilley on both my mother and father's sides, too!

  5. Ye are my friends. I appreciate the camaraderie
    of my fellow bloggers and new found family. Its all good.