Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sentimental Sunday, The Hero and a Secret

 I am in Idaho where it is snowy and cold. This brought a story of the Hero and his high school dating days to mind. 
In 1963, he had taken his girlfriend Jane Smith out for a movie.  It was cold so he had on his full length overcoat.  He walked her to the door and said good night. 
He got back into the car and started home.  It was back before the freeways were finished.  His home was on a boulevard that was in progress.  Houston was expanding. 
About 2 miles down the road he realized his bladder was full and  needed to be relieved.  It wouldn't be polite to go back to Jane's and her father wasn't really friendly.  Searching in his mind, he thought of a good friend Mary who lived in the same area.  He pulled up at her house and hurried to the door.  Just after he knocked, he was struck with the thought...What do I do now?  How do you say, "Hi, I need to use your bathroom" and rush by them.  Mary answered the door.  He stammered, "I just dropped Jane home and stopped by on my way home...."  in the middle of the small talk he realized this time he could not hold his bladder any longer back.  His bladder let loose.  He talked even louder to cover the dripping noise.  The thought in his mind was 'I am so glad I have a long overcoat on!' It stopped and he said "Well, I have to get home.  Bye." and hurried to the car.  As he got in, he looked back to see Mary looking strangely at a puddle of steaming liquid on her porch.  He never spoke to her of it and she never asked.  He would tell our children, "This was one of my most embarassing moments, but I survived."  When  asked why he didn't just rush home he said, 'not enough time.'  Can't you just see him on that door step.  LOL How I love funny.


  1. Oh dear. That would surely rate as a "most embarassing moment".

  2. Hummer, I agree with Carol, simply embarrassing. Too bad he just didn't say, "may I quickly use your bathroom" but that wouldn't have been a story. Thanks.

  3. Oh goodness that would be so embarrassing. lol

  4. Oh dear, I am cringing at the thought LOL

  5. lol...such a funny story. I am laughing out loud!