Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent of Christmas Memories: Christmas Tree Wars

1st year in our own home.

Now, why would I say 'Christmas Tree Wars'.  Let's say it was for lack of a better way to express the recent memories shared by my son and daughter when reminiscing about their father and decorating the Christmas tree.
I was visiting with my son and daughter-in-law at Thanksgiving. The subject of getting a Christmas tree came up.  My son said, "You don't like decorating the Christmas tree do you, mom." (Said more as a statement not as a question.)
I was surprised then, smiled.  Before they were old enough to help, their dad and I would decorate the tree.  The Hero loved "perfect lights" on the tree, then he would let me put on the ornaments, next he put on the garland and finished it with icicles.  Okay, he had a plan and allowed me in on it. ; )
3 teen age children helping.

I told my son, I loved helping when they were young, but when they were old enough to help, I got the decorations out and let them and their dad have the pleasure together.  The Hero would sing carols as they worked together.  My daughter-in-law laughed and said that must be where my son got his obsession with the lights.
I stopped by my daughter's home when returning from my son's.
She was decorating her Christmas tree, or maybe I should say she was putting on the lights.  I am giggling as I write this, because it reminded me so much of her dad.  No one was to touch the lights.  They had to be just right, no blank spots, full color, and evenly spaced.
Some traditions are handed down...even when it is not intended.
Now I am waiting for my youngest son to put the tree up at my house. It will be fun to see what he does.
Hopefully my other children will stop by and leave their comment on how the Christmas tree was decorated.


  1. Christmas Tree Memories are treasures. I enjoyed reading yours. Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal today. I chose to visit your Genealogy Blog and will become a Follower. I'll look forward to more of your Family stories. I hope you'll have time to come back and read some of mine. You never know...our Texas Ancestors may have crossed paths somewhere in this Big State of Texas.

  2. My favorite memory of putting up the Christmas tree was the whole livingroom covered in decorations and lights as we tried to figure out which lights were out so the strands would all work again. Christmas music was playing. I think someone was putting up the tree and you were suddenly screaming "Snake!", then everyone was screaming and jumping and lights were getting trampled! Talk about excitment! It turned out to be just a snake skin in the tree but it was awesome.
    And by the way by the time I came around Edward was the lights Natzy. NowI'm glad to let Joel do it as he inherited the same natizy thing from his dad... but they actually have one light on EACH branch stuck though the wires!

  3. LOL mE. I had forgotten that story totally, still makes me shivery. Thank you for sharing. Love momE