Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Still Makes Me Smile

The last few weeks I have had several occasions to be driven by my son.  I have a tendency to tense  up or grab for the arm rest as we come to a stop or are changing lanes on the freeway.  My son thinks I am funny and will reassure me that he drives to work and home every day.  I laughingly tell him that I say a prayer for him every day.
The conversation turned to his dad and how he handled my driving when he was sick.  The thought made me think, maybe this is pay backs.  I then had to giggle, because the Hero would grab for the handle or shake his finger at me and say "I don't know what you are going to do without me.  I am not sure you will survive."  I would just look at him with a smile and say "Not very well."
Well, Hero, I am still going, but it was so much more fun when you were here.
Miss you.


  1. I loved todays Hero post. My hubby and I go threw that same routine. He always tells me he doesnt see how he gets tob work and back and drove all these years without my helping brakes and shout outs, watch that car, ect. Then he does it to me when I drive, but grabs the ..what he calls, God, help me handle..ya know, the one on the ceiling that they stick up there for who knows why?
    Anyway, I think all couples must go threw this driving lesson. Lol! Great memories