Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Had a Shocking Good Time

Happy New Year! Last night all the fireworks around here brought a story to mind.
The trip we took to El Paso in 1972 was so fun, but quite shocking, literally, for the Hero.  The dry air, and cold increased his already penchant for conducting static electricity.  His first clue it was going to be a time of shock for him was when he touched the metal railing going to the registration desk, and literally sparks flew.  He made it to our room, and again when he took hold of the door knob, bright sparks flew.  He was getting paranoid now.  To protect himself he carried a set of keys in his pocket ready for metal. He would first touch the object with his keys then touch it.
Funny thing.  When we went to bed and turned to kiss good night, it was a most stimulating moment.  Sparks flew!  We had a good laugh.
(my computer crashed and I lost my scrapbook page. I will add tomorrow)

If you would like to see where we visited in El Paso this is a good site Walkabout .  We stayed in the old Hotel El Paso Del Norte.  They apparently were just selling it at the time.  Really interesting hotel to read about and its history around the Mexican Revolution.  We were clueless of the history at the time. You know young and in love.  

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