Thursday, January 5, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday The 1940 Census

Why would I chose this for a topic?  I am deeply involved in helping others find their family history and this census holds many keys for many who are at brick walls.  The 1940 census will be a treasure chest for many.  When it first comes out there will be the seekers who will be browsing to find.  This will not be easy just and the treasure seekers of old did not have it easy to find their treasures of gold, and lands.
We have been given some helps.

The National Archives & Records Administration NARA has started preparing us.  They have a count down.  Useful to those like myself that get distracted by shiny objects. They give FAQs and answers about the 1940 census, an overview as to what is on the census and they give finding aids as well as a long list of other helps. Click here to view their page devoted to the 1940 Census Records. has promised until at least 2013, the 1940 census will be free. not only will have it free, but they will be indexing like crazy.  They started last fall putting up a 1940 census page with facts about the census and a sign up form for committing to index your choice of state when it comes out.  I signed up have you? Click here to see the sign up page and hopefully sign up.
Another goal is for the societies, historical and genealogical to join the commitment to index the census. Why would a historical society like to help? Because they are committed to preserving the past and sharing knowledge of history.  The census not only provide names, but occupations (can you believe the employment status starts at 14 years of age?), and questions about marriage(s).  Are you a member of a society, historical or genealogical?  Ask your society to contact FamilySearch Support if they have not done so already to commit to help.
Why index? Of course you know why.  Browsing through records is difficult, time consuming, and a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack even with all the helps.  We all know that indexing the census will shorten, and aid many who don't have time to browse, in finding their family quicker.
I am a treasure hunter, and I am set and ready to aid as many as I can.
Ready Set Go! Who will find the treasure first?

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