Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Memories...

My mom loved Halloween.  She was one of the first teachers at her school in Oklahoma to start dressing in period costumes for the festivities.  Of course it was a different era, the kids dressed up, parents brought cupcakes, there were parades, and there was in general a lot of games.  As I was growing up, she always had popcorn balls (in a variety of ways), candy, etc.  I had to dress up to had out candy to those coming by.
When she moved to Texas, she was living in a rural community.  There wasn't the going from house to house for trick or treat but there were a lot of little kids that wanted to do what they saw city kids doing. As a school they still did costumes and a class party, but the whole community turned out at the precinct barn where a special group had put together a variety of activities and treats.  Mom loved this and was disappointed when the activities started coming to a close at school, then in the community at large.  Now they do a haunted house, which I have to say, I am glad all my kids are gone, because I have never been a fan of haunted house activities.  Here is the only picture I have of my mom's Halloween activity.
She is the "scarecrow" in the center, surrounded by my children.
My mother-in-law always decorated for Halloween time.  She would have fun handing out candy for the kids in the neighborhood. Her foster daughter loved the dressing up and handing out candy too.
When Mildred moved into an assisted living home, they had activities every year.  We would go down and participate with her. She would dress up and so would we.  Such a fun memory.
These are a few of her dressed up as well as my sister in law and brother in law.
One year she decorated her door then dressed up and handed out candy when kids came by.

My wonderful sister-in-law who was game for anything, and looked great too. (she is in the middle)

A close up of my sister-in-law
Mildred and her son,,. My grandson thought his mask was cool. 

Mildred and I, in another year.  She decorated her tee shirt.

Fun memories and ones I hold dear.

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