Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sentimental Sunday ~ Memory of A Great Trip

One fall, the Hero and I were driving our daughter to Utah for her fall college semester.  We decided to go through Taos, New Mexico area because none of us had ever been in that area before and the scenery promised by brochures was going to be great.
We stopped at an out of the way group of bungalows before we got there.  It was an awesome place. There weren't any electronics, or phones, no outside world at all.  Our son was with us too. He was so excited no one could interrupt with a phone call.  We and a wonderful time visiting; they had games too and the kids went for a short hike. (nope no pictures...silly me, but no smartphones back then either.) Short digression here, I asked my daughter if she remembered and I am giggling over her answer:  "Yes, I remember him going on and on about how quiet it was... he wouldn't be quiet.... it was lovely and I remember the cold creek out behind it."...
When we left to continue our journey, we were relaxed and filled with happiness.  The trees were breathtaking and the air was so clear as we drove in the mountains. The Hero gave way to our request to stop at the first scenic pull over in spite of a tight schedule. It was so beautiful looking down through the trees.
We saw these. This is from a brochure.

picture from the area on Wikipedia
 Away from the world and all its cares, my daughter turned on the Enya "Watermark" album for her and myself to dance our best joyful uninhibited interpretation of the music.  We were having so much fun. Our son and the Hero, just leaned back on the rocks and smiled.  They knew we were silly.  
Our reverie was interrupted by a car pulling in behind us and an older Native American gentleman got out.  We quickly turned down our music, when he approached us.  I guess we were expecting a scolding for so much noise.  Instead, we were surprised when he said  "I have not stopped here for many years and enjoyed the scenery.  When I saw you dancing with so much joy, I had to stop. I remind myself now, that I should take the time to enjoy what is here. Thank you for reminding me."  
We never know how we are going to affect someone else. This man was uplifted by our joyous dancing and he reminded us that one should not ignore the beauty around us as we become busy in life.  
The rest of our trip was filled with a feeling of happiness.  We deposited our daughter at BYU and then drove back home on I70 through Colorado. The choice to drive up the scenic way was one of the best we ever made.  
I am glad I am writing this because my daughter had forgotten our dancing in the woods..,
Don't forget to stop and smell the roses... one of my favorite sayings.  J

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