Friday, June 4, 2010

Follow Friday Frustration

I am using Follow Friday to remind fellow bloggers, if you have an informative blog, and have put links in, check them.  I appreciate the blog owners that share information somewhere else on the web, a link that will give you more information, or how to.  However, it is frustrating if you click on the link and it doesn't work.  Also, if you want to email the owner to tell them something isn't working, a correct email would be helpful. The reason I mention this is, some, due to the style of their blog, have their comments disabled.  Maybe the blog owner feels the blog is not necessary any longer due to new sites that have come in. If that is the case, tell the users up front you are not continuing the blog.   Sorry for my apparent ranting, but I was so frustrated yesterday when I was using a Texas Historic Cemetery blog that was supposed to have cemetery's  information and none of the links worked and the email wasn't valid.
I have come across some sites that recognize the limitations of the internet and post this on their side bar. Links are always changing.  Please let me know if any links become obsolete, or if you have come across a site that other will enjoy. Thank you.  This is a great boon to users and useful to a blogger who's intent is to be helpful.
I follow blogs.  I read and follow their links.  I comment and give feed back.  I love the community, and I want it to be seen at its best.


  1. Great reminder. I have been guilty, sorta. I maintain a web page for the local genie society and thought I had it all tweaked. A couple of months later, when I was editing the page with meetings, I discovered to my horror that the email links did not work. Not even the one that we used for email research requests. With so much going on in our lives, we sometimes forget to have a lookie see and verify that all is still well, or find out that things need a HUGE fix!

  2. Hummer, You have valid points, and I would throw in the fact that a lot won't respond to comments! This is also a good post for Monday Madness. Thanks.