Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life: #6 Summer Storms

Texasblu posted the meme for this Sunday as 'hearing about you or your family weathering out the storms'.  If you click on her name, you can read others stories also.

The story I have chosen has got to be a Hero story since it is also Sentimental Sunday.  At Christmas one year, while the Hero and Red Beard and the son had their own business, my
Aunt Lynn expressed that she wished that she could get some linoleum.  Well, uhmm, we were broke and it would be a 16 hour drive to take her back home and come back to our home.  Finances would only allow for that.  We talked about her desires and needs all the way back home through icy weather.
The next spring we decided that while we could not purchase linoleum for the floor, the guys could put down an acrylic flooring that they did because they had left overs from another job.  We could also paint the kitchen too.
When it was May and warm enough to make the trip with the little ones, we packed up and headed for her farm in Oklahoma.  She was so excited when we told her we were coming.  We arrived and what fun.  The little ones enjoyed the farm, the older ones loved doing something for Aunt Lynn.. Quickly the work was done. 

The day we were getting ready to leave, they got to have and 'Oklahoma experience'.  Everyone was packed or almost packed. Unknown to the rest of us, the Hero decided to bathe before we left.  As he was bathing, a storm suddenly appearing in the northwest.  There wasn't any warning, the winds picked up terrifically, the sky turned a blackish green, all of us rushed the little ones into the bedroom and snuggled them as close to the bed as possible.  The older ones remembered the tornado that demolished Aunt Lynn's house in the 50's (click Aunt Lynn to see that post). 
As things quieted down, we looked around and realized the Hero was not with us.  In a minute he came out smiling and said, "I just knew it was a tornado, and so I grabbed both sides of the tub and got ready to ride it out."  It still brings a giggle to me.
Intense weather moments tend to make you weak in the knees.  We have had many such times.

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