Saturday, April 7, 2012

Houston Family History Expo

Today was a great day at the Expo.  I had the privilege of attending classes of Lisa Louise Cooke of .  I have wanted to meet her face to face for years now, and I can finally say, I met Lisa face to face and visited with her.  She is a lovely lady and so kind to all those at the Expo.  I am also the proud owner of her book, "How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers".  It has great pointers. I had used the Chronicling of America site before, but she took it to a new dimension for me.
I met so many I have only seen on FB or their blogs.  Michelle Goodrum who was a Blogger of Honor and Lisa Alzo taught a class on using diseases, and disaster's to find information on your ancestor.
I am at my daughters to lessen my drive.  The result is I am using her air card.  Thus have to shorten my blogging.
The long and short of it, is I love how Family History Expo has set up the meetings, and the exhibits.
I found out the my wonderful FamilySearch is a great sponsor.  Wonderful representatives of FamilySearch are here sharing and teaching.
Susan Kaufman of Houston's Clayton Library and the president of Texas State Genealogy Society (oh wait 'til you hear what their Annual Conference is going to be...I digress)  was there.  She is a great lady.
Holly of Family History Expos is just as nice in person as she sounds over the phone. The Expos are of great value and I urge my family in Oklahoma to go to the one that will be in Oklahoma City next week.
There is so much more to write about, but I need to get some sleep before tomorrow.
Keep up the good work indexing the 1940 Census and helping others!.
The Hummer. : )


  1. It was nice meeting you too. It was really a fun experience for me.

  2. So nice to meet you and thank you for your kind words!