Thursday, November 12, 2009

Porter-Vance Lines Continued

Microfilms, Oh yeah, in the world of the internet, it is easy to forget, the myriad methods of research.  I had not ordered microfilms in an age; going to the library or internet surfing seemed to prevail in my methods.  For 5 years I have, I guess, avoided ordering films.  When I focused on finding out about the Porter Family, I finally decided to order all the probate films of the time period of Carroll County, Mississippi I was researching.
Lo and Behold, mercy sakes, (what elsed could I put here) Hallujah!  I was fed a feast of information.  Not only did I find Elizabeth Angeline Porter Vance, but I found out a sad story of family strife for her extended family, and that there was a brother that has never been known, simply because everyone went with the abstracts of wills just as I had.  This is another lesson to remember.  As I transcribe the documents I was able to print from the microfilm (40 so far), I will share the information.  I am so excited..

Did I say "I AM SO EXCITED!"     Well, I am.  When I got into the car with my son and began telling him about the discovery, he was like...'Who are you researching for?  Are we going to inherit something?'  Imagine my glee over this.  He thought I was talking about present events.  When he found out it was information about 100+ years ago, he was amused.  That was when he said..."You genealogist should be undercover agents. You can find out anything!"

And the saga continues.......


  1. Hummer, I loved this article and share in your excitement. Microfilm reading is so much fun, just don't go blind, only kidding. Is this being done at a FHL? Liked the comments by your son too.

  2. What a wonderful find your blog is!
    I enjoyed reading from it today. You have great skill in the written word & very nicely done.
    I also enjoy genealogy but only started with it about 3 years ago. It is an exciting experience to find out the history that was long forgotten. It's wonderful that you are a contributor on FindAGrave. That is a source I use as well that has been of great help & grateful for.
    Also, I must comment on the fire ants. We resided in Altus Oklahoma for 6 years and I agree, those little creatures are just terrible!