Saturday, November 14, 2009

Surname Saturday.... Porter

Are we surprised that I would choose 'Porter' to study as a Surname?... Not even a  little bit.
Many years ago as I was searching the Aylward line, looking in land records of the 1600's in Ireland, I found Porters instead.   At the time I was, and still am, clueless as to the ancestor who came to the United States in the early 1700's.  On the other hand, I know where I can look if it begins to look like we are Irish. 

The House of Names, which researches Coats of Arms, says the name is Irish, English, or Scottish in origin.  Oh, Saxon you say.  Since I do not have rights to a Coat of Arms for this name, I went looking further for more information.  The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, says it is a common English name that has origins back to Old French names that represents the person's occupation.  In this case, it stood for porter, doorkeeper, gatekeeper.  Thus, my John G Porter becomes John G Gatekeeper.  Not bad and fascinatingly, it is so appropriate.  John G Gatekeeper is the keeper of the secrets that need to be revealed as to his family's origins.  I am following his clues to unlock the gate. (smile and wink)

"The keyhole is from The Vintage Moth .  I love her antique stuff.

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  1. I have an article here you NEED to read before pursuing any coat of arms. I have written about this before but Dick Eastman says it much better.