Thursday, January 7, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge #1

This is an easy one.  I LOVE going to the library.  I live only 25 miles from the 'local' library, short jaunt compared to the 1 and a half hour drive to Clayton Library in Houston.

The area is blessed by wonderful librarians who have a vision for family history.  The Montgomery County Library has a genealogy department.  The department has 8 shelves 14 foot long devoted to research resource material, where to and how to do.  They have a wall of genealogical periodicals they subscribe to and if they are donated extra's, they will offer them at discounts (25 cents) to the patrons.  Every state is represented both in county information and genealogical books, and history books.  There are microfilms of census, DAR, Revolutionary War pensions, as well as some land records.

They participate in inter library loans.  I was visiting with the head librarian one day and notice a book with a surname on it that a friend of mine is searching.  I asked if it would be available to anyone who came in.  It was; he ran over to see it, and it was his family.  This was a source he did not know the library had!  
They have books that show what is available through the inter library loan.I found out they can participate in borrowing the Salt Lake Family History Films also. They have a reader and a printer to use for films.

They participate in offering and to patrons via the internet.

I am so glad I have a library card.
In the non fiction area of the library itself, there are numerous books on the different wars, historical events, weather, (I was interested to see the effect of weather on historical events), and state histories.  The periodical section has a great selection also.  I found that you can use the periodical index for research on towns, events, and some have genealogical interests also.
This is a favorite passtime of mine when I get the opportunity of free time to go and browse.


  1. Hi!! I was very pleased to see your comment on my most recent post. It is always a pleasure to meet new friends here on blogger. I was just reading your profile and got all excited to read that you do volunteer help at a family history library. My mother passed away last year, but she spent 25 years researching our family history, and more then 30 volunteering her time at the phila. historial society. She loved the books, the work, the indexing, cataloging, etc. She has our family traced back to the late 1600's, and I find it so exciting to know names of ancestors from all those years ago, small stories about some of them, where they lived and who they married, etc.

    I also read that you are the mother of 6. I have 5, but basically they are all still at home, the older ones at university but home for the weekends, the 3 "younger" ones in middle and high school and one of them working. Life is busy and hectic, but I love it. My hat is off to you raising a large family. I kow the ups and downs of it. warmly, Debby

  2. When we lived in town and our children were small, the local library was only 4 blocks from our home and our favorite place to go. We read stories during the day and every night at bed time. Now the children are all grown and I live out in the country. Sometimes when I go to town, I still stop by the library and bring something home to read. Love your blog! blesssings,Kathleen

  3. I live equal distance from the Clayton Library and the main Conroe library in the Montgomery County System. I love them both. Reading your post have made me want to go back to Conroe. I'll plan a trip soon. Thank you for sharing details of your branch library. I'm glad genealogy is well represented by libraries in our area.

  4. hummer, you have been awarded the Happy 101 Award over at Reflections From the Fence. Drop by and pick up your well deserved award.

  5. I have worked in libraries for over 25 years!! They have never failed to amaze me with their many resources in print and non-print alike! Great post!