Tuesday, January 12, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge #2

This week's challenge is to find if our local Library has special collections.
I actually have already used the collections at our library. The one close to my heart is the Mississippi collection.  It was the beginning source for finding our Vance/Porter Line.

Montgomery County Public Library  has many Special Collections, but the greatest of the special collections in the genealogy wing are the wonderful librarians. Val, Virginia, and others are helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to take the time to work with an individual on a one to one basis. They have worked hard to make this the 4th largest genealogy collection in Texas. I love these librarians.  I have been coming and working on my family history here ,since 1981.  At that time it was a small room on the side of the library with great books but not enough room.  It was in a small building in downtown Conroe, Texas.  Now they have a large area on the second floor of the 'new' building at what used to be the edge of town.  They have done well with their budget and offerings.

Their special collections include:

    Montgomery County Records (deeds, tax lists, probate and marriages)
    Texas Birth Record (Index Only 1903-1973)
     Texas Death Record (Index Only 1903-1997)
     Texas Marriage Records Project (Various counties)
     Texas Voter Registration (1867-1869)
     Alabama Death Index Only (1908-1959)
     Connecticut Vital Records before 1960 (Barbour Collection)
     Georgia Marriage Index Only (1964-1995)
     Georgia Death Index Only (1919-1996)
     Hollingsworth Collection
     Kentucky Vital Records (1852-1910) (Birth, Death, Marriage)
    Louisiana Tombstone Inscriptions (Microfiche)
    Mississippi Marriages (prior to 1926)
    Mississippi Territorial and State Census
    Missouri County Records (Assorted)
    North Carolina Marriages (from N.C. Archives-microfiche)
    South Carolina Wills (1728-1868)
    Tennessee County Records (Assorted)
    Corbin Collection
     Draper Collection

I have made a collage of the collections, because I have been blessed by almost all of them in forming my family tree.  It would be logical that I do it with a heart.



  1. I LOVE this library! Thank you for sharing its fantastic resources with your readers.

  2. Your experience was similar to mine - your first steps and discoveries were made in a physical-world library!
    Evelyn in Montreal