Friday, September 3, 2010

Follow Friday Professionalism Journey Starts

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I am getting so excited!  I am starting with PROGEN Study group in a week, Labor Day put our group off a week starting.  The book "Professional Genealogy" is WOW. Since I have embarked on this journey, I have come across some neat wonderful examples of professional genealogists.  I am doing this to become better, not sure about doing someone else's genealogy for money. I have always believed in documenting sources, but this is a whole new dimension for me.

For Follow Friday I would like to suggest a marvelous blog that I have come across that many of you probably already know about, Heather H Doherty (click on her name to view her blog).
She is a lot of fun on twitter, and I love the educational aspect of genealogy she features. 
If I were to be a professional genealogist, I would love to share like she does.


  1. Kudos to you, and I wish you the best. Maybe you can share a few hints in your blog. I was able to see Heather's home page, but could find a way to follow her, do you know how to follow her?

  2. Barbara, I follow her on Twitter. I don't see a follow link on her blog, but then it is not a regular posting blog I suppose.

  3. Good luck on your ProGen endeavor!

  4. Good luck with ProGen! You're going to love it! I'm just finishing up ProGen 3. It seems like it went by so fast!