Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life 'School Daze'

Interesting that Texasblu chose the topic "School Daze'' for this week's prompt. just came out with US High School Year Books.  I was so hoping that the Hero's school might be on there, but it is not.  I did find my 1963 year book.  It was really amazing to me to find that I had forgotten so much of my high school.  I posted some pictures on FaceBook for my old school friends and they were excited to remember the times.  Some came back with immediate memories, I was really in awe.  I guess I was in a hurry to graduate and the interim just flew by.  Here are some of the activities I was in.  I was disappointed the freshman band wasn't included.
Edmond High School 1963

This is me when I was 14, a freshman entering the world of High School.

(remember you can click to see the pictures larger)
This is the Junior Classical League.  It was for those studying Latin.  One of the members remembers a toga party and going in a sheet.   I vaguely remember that.  I am on the very end sitting down.

First Aid Club

This was the First Aid Club.  Can you tell I wanted to be a nurse.  I made it.  I am in the middle in white.

Edmond High School Band Uniform

I had to include this.  I learned all I know about music in Band from Jr High through High School.  I had fun, loved playing the French Horn, and marching.  Precision marching was so intricate that it would fascinate me and still does if I catch a good marching band.

I have given you a peak at my freshman year in High School. While I was busy with activities, I learned most of my English Grammar in Latin this year, and began to appreciate the social order of human beings.


  1. You were lucky to find your yearbook. No luck with mine, but maybe, if they post more. I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your past life.

  2. Nice post, I have the band uniform photo too! Had even thought about using it for this Slice prompt. IF, I can get around to writing a Slice this week.

  3. Great pictures!! First Aid club?? Wow, I would have joined that! I wanted to be a nurse and made it too! I also played in the band, but the flute. Thanks for bringing back memories.

  4. Thanks Barbara.
    Carol, glad you are back.
    Cindy, Thanks for stopping by. You are definitely a nurse to your son also. Flutes were my girls' favorite.

  5. Another marching band member and fan here! I love watching the competitions on TV and checking out the diagonals.

  6. They had a First Aid club??? Lol - you don't see THAT anymore! *GRIN*