Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sentimental Sunday, The Hero Was Missed.

I was going to make a post about the costumes I made for Halloween, but it will have to wait because I still don't have all the pictures.  This is a picture of the Hero with TexasBlu as Mrs Bianca of The Rescuers. The Hero helped design the costume.  You can tell she always looked for something different. ; ) My daughter Little Miss Sunshine and the First son, as well as my mother are also in the picture.
This year, the making of costumes for my 5 grandsons was actually hard for me to do. I made costumes for my children in the past, but the Hero was always there to help me develop the pattern.  He loved it when I would come up with something different to do, because he could configure what I wanted into the correct dimensions for my pattern.  That gave him a part in the activity. Of course, he was never enthusiastic about the late hours or the horrendous mess that seemed to collect with the endeavor.  I can remember many a time he would appear at the door and say "Aren't you coming to bed yet?"  I thought at the time. 'What does it matter?'  It did matter.  It was less time that was spent with him, but I didn't know that was the way it was to be.  He was tolerant and there are stories around the challenge he had with my over enthusiasm to create...well, not the creation, but the mess that went with it. 
Many thoughts were to go through my mind during the last three weeks as I made costumes for the 5 little boys.  The Hero would have loved it.


  1. Frances, I enjoyed this, and can picture you finishing up for tonight's show of costumes. As always, I like reading about your husband, and I'm sure Hero is looking down on you enjoying it all from afar.

  2. Oh that's why you were crying. Luv ya! And great job!