Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sentimental Sunday How the Hero Got His Nickname

I have had some ask me what the Hero's name is.  I have to confess the reason I had not used his name is he had a fear of identity theft. 
I will share with you how he got his nickname. 
Picture Property of Hummer
The Hero was a twin.  He was the first born although the smallest and received his dad's name Edward Nicholas.  His twin was called T Richard (He is still very much alive, so I will refrain from using his full name.)  MomE wanted to call them "Nick and Dick"  After some thought and discussion with was declined (she always giggles after telling this) so, she chose to call them Ned and Ted.  He liked Ned, but it irritated him that no matter how he said it, half the time they thought he said Ted.  He would sigh and say, I would have preferred Nick.  Near Christmas, I will share with you why. ; )
So now you know how he came to be called Ned instead of Edward.


  1. Hmmm...I think it would have been wise for MomE and DadE to have nicknamed them Nick and Rick. Things may have gone more smoothly. And why Ned and not Ed? LOL! (although I do like the name Ned, you don't hear it much these days!)