Monday, November 2, 2015

Madness Monday ~ Why Can't I Leave It Alone.

I am choosing to write about that which I have a tendency to do.  I will come across a descendant in my family line that doesn't have a death date or any other information.  I become distracted from my own  direct line and begin searching to make sure everything is filled in for that person. Of course, that tends to send me off down other rabbit holes as Carol of the blog Reflections from the Fence says.
Today, I began to research a sister of my great great grandmother. Her name was Mary Hankins. I found she married a Reuben McCroskie, whose surname had been slaughtered in almost every census and ages messed up.  I soon found their child Nancy's, who turned out to go by Ellen, married a Samuel Green in Ray County, Missouri and her line was not finished.  Now these are from the 1830s up so most I would expect some to be done.  I am not finished yet, but one young lady intrigued me... Phyllis J Holmes.
Phyllis Holmes 1942 Yearbook picture
 Her mother the daughter of Nancy Ellen McCroskie Green, Beatrice Helen who married a Clayton P Holmes.  Beatrice died at 24 of Tuberculosis.  Leaving Phyllis who was 2, motherless.  I do not know who raised her because I not found her yet on a census with her father who remarried. He was a pharmaceutical salesman and he married a pharmacist. I did find Phyllis went to college at  Kansas Wesleyan University and found a picture of her, as well as who she married. Unfortunately, it was in a time period, I do not know if she ever had children.  She died in 1973 in Los Angeles, California; her husband remarried and moved to Oklahoma.  No clues.  I hope if she did have children, they will be joined with her tree.
Beatrice opened another dilemma for me as her obit names a brother Bud Green.
Beatrice death certificate and obit
Another one I have not found on the census. Wonder if Bud was a nickname.  Well, still working on that rabbit hole.  Need to stop and do some work as I have been at this all day.
Genealogy throws you curves.  J


  1. Yes, I do that all the time! I even get lost in inlaws of ancient siblings of ancestors sometimes.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to know one is not alone. :-)