Thursday, November 5, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandchild Number 3

Bright and shining Copper Top...
Princess Dynamo... She was always moving.
This is the story of  the Hero helping save her

She had a special relationship with her uncle.
He loved watching her and had a way with helping with getting her to take a nap.

This was one of my favorite studio pictures of her.
She did not grow up to be a phone person.

Her 6th birthday. She was flexible with celebrations. Look at that copper hair.

Always animated... Here she is at her uncle's wedding and freezing.
 If she had to smile she would give it her best.

She became quite the multi media artist.  

2010 such a sweetheart.
 She sings and helps.
A naturally good person.

She asked if I could make her a mermaid costume in 2014,
then she decided that she could do it herself.
What a great job she did.

She has started performing with a local theater group.
She sings and dances.
Her personality sparkles

This is her scrapbook page I made especially for her.
I adore being with her.

May you all enjoy your Treasures.

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