Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday

A post by Amy Johnson Crow took me to my cemetery pictures to see if I was following her "5 Photos You Should Take at the Cemetery"
I was good.  Whew.  Want to make sure time is not wasted when making the trip and stop.
Below is the picture of my Aunt and Uncle's Parents.  My dad's brother and sister married a brother and sister.  Those are for easy genealogy lines. JI was looking for their tombstones, which I did get, when I noticed most of the Grote family is buried in close proximity, I went ahead a grabbed a picture of  the parents tombstone.
Tombstone for George and Hattie Grote and their son Delbert.
A close up: 

I made sure I could read the epitaph.
"At rest but not forgotten"

The cemetery sign was a must since a huge number of my dad's family is buried there.

I went a little back wards at this, but I did the work. Happy Tombstone Day,
This is for Kenny and his cousins.

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