Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sentimental Sunday Bandit Redeemed

The Hero adored Bandit even with his short comings.  He was always worried something might happen to him, so when a rancher near by came asked if he would allow Bandit to come visit and "take care" of her female Blue Heeler, it was okay with the Hero.
It was funny watching the Hero and son get Bandit ready for a 'lady friend'.  Since Bandit was such a stink dog, (you remember I told you his favorite activity was to find smelly stuff to roll in), he was washed and combed.  At last they loaded him up in the pick up and off they went.

The rest will be the Hero's story:
"We arrived at the ranch and the owner said 'before he stays, I would like to see if he knows any tricks'.  I was puzzled, but said  'Well, he will fetch a stick, sit, shake hands, but I never was one to teach him tricks.'  She said, 'That is okay, how about herding?'  I thought, oh great, but said, 'he's only had one cow and her calf to herd.'  She said, 'Let's watch him, I have some new calves in a near by pen.' My heart sunk, I was remembering the times Bandit 'herded' right over me, but he was just cavorting around with his new girlfriend,  so I thought I will give him a chance.  We walked down the path to a small fenced field and there were about 15 calves.  Woo, I thought, this may be Bandit's Waterloo.  I looked at him, said a silent prayer, and said 'sic em  Bandit, bring them here', and pointed at the calves.  Off he went at a dead run for the calves.  He circled them, when one would try and break out of the circle he would run bite it's nose, put it back in and circle them again, barking as he went, and moving them up towards us. The ranch owner was clapping and saying how wonderful he was.  I thought, you sucker, you knew all along how to do this, and yet tried to kill me.  Then I laughed, it was the new girl friend!.  He was showing off for her!  I should have gotten a female a long time ago!

When the Hero came home, he and our son were whooping and hollering in glee.  They vied with one another to tell the story of how Bandit had proven he was a real cow herding dog.  Of course, said they, it might have been the girlfriend's influence.

Just goes to show you, a good woman can make a man.  LOL ;)


  1. Frances, I do love the stories in Hero's voice. Very good --- I can almost hear him telling the stories to you -- a most appreciative audience.

    Looking forward to next Sunday.

  2.! can so see all of this as you write it. love the stories. love you!♥♥♥!

  3. Thanks for the post on my BSA post. Is your son a first generation or are there others. If so, might want to do the BSA Generation tree