Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sentimental Sunday, The Hero and The Snake

This post is not for the faint hearted or snake lovers.  It is a funny post about the Hero coping with a paranoid wife and a surprise visitor.

We were trying to get down the road to go to grandmother's house which was and hour and a half a way.  Knowing that, everyone was told to go to the bathroom before they got in the car.  The last one of course, was the Hero. 
I must digress here and explain we had moved into our house as a shell and were finishing it slowly.  Our downstairs bathroom was just roughed in.  The sheetrock was not completely installed.  There was an area in the back of the toilet that had to be finished.  There was no solid door; we had a folding door. That being said, you will understand the rest of the story.
I was seat belting children in and heard a yell from the house.  I ran in and found the Hero with his pants at his ankles in the kitchen trying to get up.  This will be in his words again:  
When he saw me he said, "Go get me the BB gun!" 
' What?, Why?' I said.  
He said, "I was on the toilet and looked down and saw a long licking tongue coming at my leg.  I yelled and jumped for the door.  The snake just went back in the wall! Get me the BB gun."
I have to say, I was not cooperative.  I was like the woman in the BC cartoon.  A snake would look like this after I saw it.

I came back with an axe.
The Hero said, "Woman! what are you doing? Where is the gun!"
I said, ' Well, you could cut it out and chop off it's head.'
"Get me the BB gun!"  [at this point the snake was swaying half way out of the wall.  I was becoming excited. I gave in and got the BB gun.]  Toink, went the gun, a BB gun does not go bang, and the snake went limp.  He had shot it directly in the head.
I was so relieved, but was not sure a BB could kill a snake and I didn't want to have him come back in the house, so I said, "put him on the drive way and I will run over him." 
He laughed about this for years to come. "Come see my wife the dead snake slaughterer. I can't believe she wanted me to axe my wall to get the snake."
Don't ask me what kind of snake it was, it was in my house and not invited.
You have to have some humor when living in the country with unwanted guests, and a never ending fix it up house.  He was a good man.


  1. Frances,
    well that brought on a good laugh -- as well as memories of our ranch days.

  2. Frances,
    Well, goodness sakes, that got a good laugh--- as well as bringing back memories of our ranch days.

  3. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. One day, I'll have to tell my mouse story... :)


  4. One of the many snake stories!
    LOL... I loved picturing it all though. I'm sure I was straapped into the car.
    I think my favorite part is the running over it again...I would so be right there with you!
    I inherited my mother's thought process when it comes to those slinky ones.