Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's Top Favorite Posts, Mostly Mine

Carol from Reflections From the Fence shamed me into writing this post for Barbara, my 'distant cousin', at Life At the Roots.  Barbara and Carol are so knowledgeable that I feel dwarfed in their world.  Nevertheless, I will stretch and grow on the last day of the year.
My Top 5 Favorite Posts are as follows.

1.  1/31/2010 Sentimental Sunday The Hero Posts (1st one)

2.  1/1/2010 17th Edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage @Culture Irish Treasures

3.  7/3/2010 July Fourth Tribute to Benawell Bonfoey Connecticut 6th Regiment

4.  7/6/2010  B D Langley and the Anti Horse Thief Association

5.  6/6/2010  Sentimental Sunday The Hero and Lemon Pie

Okay so I am partial to the Hero stories.  I am excited that I have stayed on track with these and hope next year to compile them for my family.  Thanks Barbara for the prompt.

1 comment:

  1. OHHH, dear, sorry I shamed you - -

    well, No, I'm not, cause I got a chance to revisit some of your great posts, I have so enjoyed the Hero ones! I cry, I laugh, I go, ohhhh, ya, and then, ohhhh, no! What a wonderful legacy to leave your children.

    Happy New Year Frances.