Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Christmas Plays

I hope you enjoy these it is my gift to my daughter's ward.
Earlier today, I posted about my experience in a Christmas play.  The preparations and practices were very extensive and required everything being JUST right.  I have to say it was nice, BUT I love the church manager scenes where you never know what your characters are going to do.  There are many stories around the loving acts of children who get caught up in the story, then you have the imaginative ones that are here today on my blog from my daughter's church party's manger scene.  There is one not on the scrapbook page that had to be shared alone. If you click again to enlarge the scrapbook page, after clicking on it, you can so see their expressions better.  Our shepherd was quite creative with the shepherd's hook and the others faces are priceless.  I was trying so hard to not giggle too loudly.
Now is he aiming for the star or basketball net?

You just have to love them!

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  1. Darling, oh, yea, I agree, kids and pageants. Cannot miss with that combo!